Best Heating System Brands

In this section of Heating Repair Portland Maine, we will take a look the different types of heating system brands, a review rating from a pro, and where you can possibly find replacement parts for your existing heating system.

We are not the experts in the heating system world. If we were, we would have already repaired our heating system and would have known what brands to buy.

But unless you have an insider in the family, you are out of luck and have to go with whatever system is on sale. However, I do have a solution for those of us who barely remembers the difference between forced air and radiant heat.

I have enlisted the aid of an expert to help us avoid all the sales gimmicks and find value. You get to see what an actual heating and air conditioning professional would choose for their own home. You can be sure of an unbiased opinion because we do not sell any HVAC systems or receive any payment from any manufacturers.

I just want to make sure that families out there can heat their homes safely and affordably. You’re my neighbors after all.

Remember that there are many types of heating systems. Hot water heating and water heating systems are different from a gas furnace. Below are oil furnace ratings, so this may not work for you if you are looking for radiant heat.

My expert insider has researched the data about each brand and organized the different types of units into groups. Then he utilized his extensive experience in the field to rate the different models.

He then gave each brand a rating of from 1 to 5 stars in each group. A 5* rating indicates the brand that we would choose (if it was available) for our own home. When more than one brand is available with a 5* rating, we would choose the least expensive model.

I have only listed those with at least a 4* rating in at least one category. Why try to steer you towards shoddy brands?



Basic Unit 1*

Condensing 5*

This is the only manufacturer of a 95% AFUE condensing oil furnace.




Condensed 5*

This brand is owned by ADAMS MANUFACTURING. They are the only manufacturers offering a 95% AFUE condensing oil furnace.



Basic 4*

VS 4*

This brand is from NORDYNE. They are backed by a very good warranty which includes their “10 YEAR QUALITY PLEDGE” where the unit is replaced if the heat exchanger fails within ten years.

Visit Frigidaire


Basic 4*

This brand is from NORDYNE. It is a basic unit with a great warranty including their ten year quality pledge. (That is where they replace the entire unit if the heat exchanger fails during its’ first ten years.)

Visit Kelvinator


VS 4*

The O23 units are part of their ELITE series. It has an AFUE of up to 83%. The O23V is part of the “DAVE LENNOX SIGNATURE COLLECTION” and has a variable speed blower motor. The O23V also has a very good warranty.

Visit Lenox


Basic 5*

VS 5*

This brand name is licensed to NORDYNE. The M120 series has four styles of units to match your installation requirements. The M1200 series units are variable speed. All of the units are backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Visit Maytag


Basic 4*

VS 4*

This brand is from NORDYNE and is backed by a very good warranty. They have an efficiency rating of 80%.



Basic 4*

VS 4*

This brand is from NORDYNE. The TECH 1 units are your basic oil furnace while the TECH 2 units have a variable speed blower. They are backed by a very good warranty.

Visit Tappan


Basic 4*

VS 4*

This brand is from NORDYNE. They are backed by a very good warranty which includes their 10 year quality pledge. During the first ten years, the unit is replaced if the heat exchanger fails.

Visit Westinghouse

Things to Remember

I have not included the AFUE price or whether or not they are energy star qualified. So if this is important to you, please check out each brand.

To understand a bit more about energy efficiency, read this great article by Consumer Reports

If you want to learn more about the different types of brands, check out the link below. Believe it or not, you may be able to get replacement parts pretty cheap!

Although you want to save money (who doesn’t right?). But whatever heating system, whether its HVAC, gas furnace or uses a geothermal heat pump, if at all possible, chose a heating system that will pay off in the long run. Not which is the cheapest to buy today.